Project Description
A reusable theme library for the WPF DataGrid, so that it can look and handle like the Silverlight DataGrid.
Themed after ExpressionLight, ExpressionDark, WhistlerBlue, etc.
  •  SelectedCells attached property: bind selected cells to your MVVM ViewModels.
  •  horizontal scrolling with mouse tilt wheel:  users can now use the mouse wheel instead of clicking on the scrollbars. 
(see documentation for example)

How To use this themes library with your DataGrid

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If anyone also wants a data grid in JavaScript, I have just created a new jQuery grid widget here:




From Codeplex


From Codeplex

Expression Dark:

From Codeplex

Help Contribute

This is a free open source project that I have developed in my personal time. I really appreciate your feedback and support for this project and its future development. Suggestions and contributions are welcome. You can contribute to the project here.

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